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Mivule is a 4-piece band incorporating the styles of Reggae, Afrobeat and Dub in English as well as in Luganda. Their infectious rhythms and heartfelt lyrics are primed to get people on their feet.

South Sudanese/Ugandan singer and songwriter Brian Broda is the powerhouse front man of Mivule, delivering rhythm guitar and strong vocals featuring lyrics which include themes of social justice, love and peace.

Salvador Llanes is the keeper of the keys, laying down solid bubbles and melody lines, as well as taking the band to outer space in dub sections.

Bassist/Guitarist Matt Yard brings his love of dub music and heavy bass lines to the lineup; drawing inspiration from classic reggae and world music.

‘Jammin’ Jesiah Yarish adds his root reggae blend of prog rock flare to the drums with a heaping side of funk.

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